Under all Our Fingers, Under all Our Nails

Under all Our Fingers, Under all Our Nails





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A book of place, work, and collective knowledge.

Van Dyke process printed photographs of the Penland School of Craft gardens.  The Penland School of Craft, located in the Black Mountains of western North Carolina, garden produces much of the vegetables served at Penland and serves as an example of sustainable cultural and ecological practices. These photographs were taken this summer while I studied and worked with the Penland’s head gardener.

Printed on Arches BFK Reeves at the Penland School of Craft.

Photographs processed from medium format negatives.

Drum leaf bound with reclaimed pages from the Oxford Dictionary and covered with reclaimed cotton feed sack cloth from Bakersville, NC.

Arches Black Cover slipcase with reclaimed page from the Oxford Dictionary defining parsnip.

7 x 4, 8 pages.


Edition of 5.

Christopher Davenport, 2014

*10% of all sales go to The Penland School of Craft Scholarship Fund.

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