Ease out of your skin, Ease out of your ways, Ease out of your mind





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An ecological action and visual poem to intersecting place, commitment, and shared space.

Cyanotype process printed photographs taken while embedded for 3 weeks in a community of whitetail deer in the Black Mountains of North Carolina.  This young male was feeding five feet from where I laid in the grass. His horns are covered in early summer velvet.

Printed on Arches BFK Reeves at the Penland School of Craft.

Photographs processed from 35mm negatives.

Drum leaf bound with reclaimed pages from Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac, a handmade abaca spine, and covered with reclaimed cotton feed sack cloth from Bakersville, NC.

Housed in a reclaimed Poplar case with graphite repeating handwriting (Ease out of your skin, Ease out of your ways, Ease out of your mind). Finished with bee’s wax from the Penland School of Craft hives.

4.5 x 9, 16 pages.


Edition of 5.

Christopher Davenport, 2014

*10% of all sales go to The Penland School of Craft Scholarship Fund.

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