from Ease out of your skin, Ease out of your ways, Ease out of your mind, 2014: An ecological action and visual poem to intersecting place, commitment, and shared space.  – in the Wesleyan University Artists’ Books Collection.

All Pocket Knife Press books are available to Individual, Gallery, Special, Poetry, and Artists’ Books Collections.

Please contact me using the form below or call/write Bill and Vicky Stewart at  Vamp & Tramp Booksellers, Inc : (205) 824-2300 or

* A percentage of the sale of each edition is donated to a related environmental, educational, social, or cultural institution and/or organization.  A portion of each edition is also donated to select public libraries, schools, and community art centers for educational purposes.

For all other inquires, including workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and collaborations please contact me directly at: or 205.534.8208.

Thank you,

Christopher Davenport

Please include:

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Book Title, Price, and Shipping Address

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