On Goethe’s Milk: Gulf Waters

She rejoices in illusion. Whoso destroys it in himself and others, him she punishes with the sternest tyranny. Whoso follows her in faith, him she takes as a child to her bosom. from Goethe’s Nature.

Photographs from the Gulf of Mexico taken near the site of the BP Horizon spill- feeding migratory seabirds.

Archival Pigment Printed Color and B&W Photographs on Somerset Book. Letterpress printed Somerset Book cover. Handbound.

Printed at the Penland School of Craft while instructing the 2016 Spring Books & Paper Concentration.

Edition of 1


*10% from the sale of this book will go to The Nature Conservancy’s oyster bed restoration program in Alabama.


A look beyond experience. Photographs from infrared cameras placed on family property in Washington County North Carolina by Christopher Davenport. Original text hand typed on a ledger machine by Crane Giamo. Text on handmade raw cotton/abaca paper by artists. Photography on French Paper. Handbound with handmade pine pulp, flax, and raw cotton paper covers by […]

Ease out of your skin, Ease out of your ways, Ease out of your mind

An ecological action and visual poem to intersecting place, commitment, and shared space. Cyanotype process printed photographs taken while embedded for 3 weeks in a community of whitetail deer in the Black Mountains of North Carolina.  This young male was feeding five feet from where I laid in the grass. His horns are covered in […]

Under all Our Fingers, Under all Our Nails

A book of place, work, and collective knowledge. Van Dyke process printed photographs of the Penland School of Craft gardens.  The Penland School of Craft, located in the Black Mountains of western North Carolina, garden produces much of the vegetables served at Penland and serves as an example of sustainable cultural and ecological practices. These photographs […]


Ecological action and record through collection and sample. Catalog July 2016: Water Works: Vamp & Tramp Booksellers. Handmade reclaimed cotton/linen paper made with water collected from sensitive and declining areas of the Black Warrior River in Alabama. The Black Warrior River/Watershed is one of the ten most threatened waterways due to coal mining along its […]


Acceptance and resignation as contemporary ecological narratives of extinction. Letterpress printed handwritten listing of all known extinct birds as of April 2014 using ink made from collected, dried, and ground hatch eggs and fallen nests. Photogravure printed imagery from photographs of spring migration habitat in areas of marginal succession. All on Arches text wove. Hand pigmented […]

Birds & Traps

Perceptual moral challenge to expectation and ecological conditioning through a selection of extinct birds and the traps used to capture and kill them for collecting. A companion piece to Catalogue. Letterpress printed from linoleum cuts on Arches text wove using inks made from crushed coal. Handbound in letterpress printed full cloth as accordion fold portfolios. […]

Paper Wasps

A social and cultural action of barrier displacement and earned trust through handmade paper and print. Handmade paper from unwashed bed linens collected door-to-door in the Black Belt of southwestern Alabama along with images of paper wasp nests from giver’s backyard sheds. Nest imagery and text letterpress printed with ink made from dried and ground […]

Catfish Poems

A collaborative piece between poet Tim Earley, Crane Giamo (letterpress printing), and myself (photographs). Catfish Poems explores place, language, and identity. Below is a brief introduction from Crane Giamo of Delete Press. Dear Friends, We are THRILLED to announce the release of Tim Earley’s Catfish Poems, available here: http://deletepress.org/books/tim-earley/ Thank you Tim for entrusting us with […]


Repetition and image/text variant as phenomenological events equal to moments unreasoned and discovered. Cover is contemporary media chatter: August, 2013, and photographs from the Keewanaw Peninsula: 47.2836° N, 88.3869° W. Based on concepts of wunder vs. belief. Offset lithography on Arches text wove and French Paper wrapper. Letterpress printed handmade slip sleeve paper from reclaimed linen. Edition of 25. $115.00 […]