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In Seasoned

A Document of place and ecological reclamation. Twelve photographs by Christopher Davenport taken deep in the Southern Appalachians. Handbound in…

Starting Here

from Starting Here, 2016/17 Starting Here:  As an Act of Experiential Learning and Ecological Orienteering,  I am Drawing myself into…

On Goethe’s Milk: Gulf Waters

She rejoices in illusion. Whoso destroys it in himself and others, him she punishes with the sternest tyranny. Whoso follows her in faith, him she takes as a child to her bosom. from Goethe’s Nature.

Photographs from the Gulf of Mexico taken near the site of the BP Horizon spill- feeding migratory seabirds.

Archival Pigment Printed Color and B&W Photographs on Somerset Book. Letterpress printed Somerset Book cover. Handbound.

Printed at the Penland School of Craft while instructing the 2016 Spring Books & Paper Concentration.

Edition of 1


*10% from the sale of this book will go to The Nature Conservancy’s oyster bed restoration program in Alabama.


Between experience and the lens- A record of anthromes in 18 volumes of photographs and discreet poems. Archival Pigment Printed…

Snow / Fields

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Recognize that 20% of all plant species growing in the southeastern U.S. are threatened or endangered with extinction in their…