In Seasoned

A Document of place and ecological reclamation. Twelve photographs by Christopher Davenport taken deep in the Southern Appalachians. Handbound in…

Starting Here

from Starting Here (0 to 100), 2016/17 Starting Here (0 to 100):  As an Act of Experiential Learning and Ecological…

On Goethe’s Milk: Gulf Waters

She rejoices in illusion. Whoso destroys it in himself and others, him she punishes with the sternest tyranny. Whoso follows her in faith, him she takes as a child to her bosom. from Goethe’s Nature.

Photographs from the Gulf of Mexico taken near the site of the BP Horizon spill- feeding migratory seabirds.

Archival Pigment Printed Color and B&W Photographs on Somerset Book. Letterpress printed Somerset Book cover. Handbound.

Printed at the Penland School of Craft while instructing the 2016 Spring Books & Paper Concentration.

Edition of 1


*10% from the sale of this book will go to The Nature Conservancy’s oyster bed restoration program in Alabama.

The Annotated Bibliography of Clearcutting

The Annotated Bibliography of Clearcutting, is an ongoing interdisciplinary forest habitat and natural resource focused  ecological database of worldwide clearcutting and…


Between experience and the lens- A record of anthromes in 18 volumes of photographs and discreet poems. Archival Pigment Printed…

Snow / Fields

A meditation of place beautiful, able, and unable- Utah’s Wasatch Range and Iowa Corn Fields- from 30,000 feet and memory.…


Recognize that 20% of all plant species growing in the southeastern U.S. are threatened or endangered with extinction in their…