And the Yellow Lights of Our eyes

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Of place, wilderness, what we see, what we collect, and what we keep.

Archival pigment printed photographs of the Sipsey River headwaters in the Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest, Walker County, Alabama. The Sipsey Wilderness protects a small part of the Sipsey River’s 150 mile free flow through the sole old growth hardwood forest in Alabama.

Printed on Arches BFK Reeves.

Photographs processed from 35mm negatives.

Sewn with Sipsey River dyed linen thread and contained in a letterpress printed handmade wrapper of reclaimed raw cotton and water from Walker County Alabama.

9 x 12, 12 pages with title and short essay by author.


Edition of 10

Christopher Davenport, 2014

*10% of all sales go to the West Alabama Chapter of the Sierra Club.

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