Alabama Bloodlines

sack map

ash type james miller power stationash type steel      ash type cooling tower ash type approach shot



Buckshot 1




god we you our slip sleeve front

god we you our page 1

god we you our first full spread

god we you our cry save unborn babies

go we you our corrupt

go we you our god see you jeff co

go we you our taxation

god we you our human civilian

god we you our ff

god we you our slip sleeve back

gene cd front gene cd back covergene cd   FILM 3FILM 2FILM 6FILM 5FILM 4

rail yard 1 rail yard 2 rail yard 3 rail yard 5 rail yard 6 rail yard 7 rail yard 8 rail yard 9 rail yard 10 rail yard 11 rail yard 12

Gene's Son





sack by voices

Storyteller, instrument, and interpreter of place- Alabama Bloodlines is the record of a year long cultural, social, economic, and ecological study of Alabama through the artist book, image, sound, and film.

Collected and printed as By Voices throughout Alabama during 2013/4.

Coal Sample- from the Birmingham Coal Port in a glass vial with hand typed label.
Bloodline Stills– photographs from the Film Alabama Bloodlines.
God We Your Own– letterpress printed photographs of Birmingham, Alabama’s street prophet prophecies.
Ash Type– archival inkjet pretend photographs of the nation’s second most polluting coal plant.
Film: Alabama Bloodlines– archive of imagery, film, sound, and prophecy
Rail Yard– discreet direct relief prints from the Norfolk & Southern rail yard.
Gene’s Barber Shop– photographs from Gene Lloyd’s barber shop, Greensboro, Alabama.  Gene, 82, is the last person to cut Martin Luther King, Jr’s hair three days before his assassination in Memphis.
Gee’s Bend Spiritual– audio recording of Mary Lee Bendoff singing a spiritual.
Contained in a screen-printed cotton duck coal sample sack.

Christopher Davenport and Crane Giamo as By Voices, 2014
Edition of 15, 9 volumes per set.

10% of all sales go to support the Alabama Folklife Association


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