monologue monologue 2

A look beyond experience.

Photographs from infrared cameras placed on family property in Washington County North Carolina by Christopher Davenport.

Original text hand typed on a ledger machine by Crane Giamo.

Text on handmade raw cotton/abaca paper by artists. Photography on French Paper.

Handbound with handmade pine pulp, flax, and raw cotton paper covers by the artists’ and French Paper end sheets and slip case.

Title handwritten in hand pigmented ink by Christopher Davenport.

Page space, sequence, and text varies from book to book.

9.5 x 9.75, 13 pages

Edition of 15


By Voices, 2014

By Voices is a collaboration between Christopher Davenport and Crane Giamo exploring the book as narrative, structure, process, interpretation, and instrument. Our limited editions are experiments in photography, artist books, papermaking, printmaking, printing, and the documentary arts.

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