Current Works


from Water: Part I-  A Serial exploration of our collective Ecological experiences through photographs and the artist book.

Starting Here

Starting Here, 2016/17

Starting Here:  As an Act of Experiential Learning and Ecological Orienteering,  I am Drawing myself into the Remaining Forests of the Southern Appalachians through Photographs, GIS Data, and Film over a year.  This passage continues to Deepen as a Document of Place, Ecology, and our Collective Experiences and Thoughts of Wilderness in an effort to raise awareness for Conservation and ultimately Preservation.

The in-progress project will culminate in the Documentary Film, Starting Here, a series of Photographs recording Place and Experience, and a limited edition Artist Book of photographs, mappings/drawings, and text.

Please contact me at:, for more information or to participate.

In Light of New Wilderness


In Light of the New Wilderness, 2016

Place and Recognition of time lost, reordered and gained anew in photographs and sound.