Vote The Planet, Vote The Environment

Christopher Davenport, Pocket Knife Press, Vote the Planet- 2016 copy

“A total of 482 species of rare endemic plants representing 246 genera spread across southeastern United States make it one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Unfortunately, practices such as clearcutting continue to be used and destroy habitat and speed top soil erosion through canopy removal and fragmentation. This image of a 400 acre clearcut was taken from the stump of a 200 year Red Oak off the Coretta Scott King Memorial Highway in the Black Belt of Alabama. Never give up because we must do better. Act in your community, document poor practices, be a witness, and Vote the Planet.” -Christopher Davenport

To view and purchase all Pocket Knife Press campaign prints please visit:

$26.00 per print (Vote The Planet and Vote the Environment)

Ongoing Edition.

60% of all sales go to support the following:

From degraded soils and fracked farmlands to dammed rivers, poisoned water and a rapidly changing climate, our planet is under immediate and increasing threat. This November, you can help defend our planet by voting for leaders who support clean air, clean water, strong climate action, and a shift to regenerative agriculture and a more sustainable economy. The choices we make on Election Day will have a direct effect on countless environmental issues at the national, state and local levels. A vote for the planet is a vote for the future—and the time to act is now.

Patagonia and the Creative Action Network aim to create a new activist collection of political protest posters to communicate Patagonia’s belief that our country’s economy, security and future are wholly dependent on a healthy environment and urging all of us to take action and vote to protect our planet.

Patagonia will use this art in Patagonia stores, as stickers, prints, t-shirts and online to remind Americans that voting for our planet is the best defense for America itself: its Air, Water and Soil.

– from Creative Arts Network

Creative Action Network is a global community of artists and designers, harnessing their talents for good. We run crowdsourced campaigns around causes, anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute their own original, visual, meaningful work. Our campaigns are not contests, we welcome everyone to participate. We then develop those designs into print, apparel, and other products, and sell them here in our online store and through our licensing partners, to support the artists and the causes.

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