Bookbinding Now Interview


Bookbinding Now Interview with Christopher Davenport

Conducted by New York based Book and Paper Artist Susan Mills.

Bookbinding Now is a New York-based community podcast posted every other Wednesday. Bookbinding Now is hosted by Susan Mills in conjunction with Full Tilt Bookbinding Classes.
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Steve Miller coordinates the Book Arts MFA Program at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He is the longtime host of the Book Artists and Poets podcast series.

Book artist Steve Miller of Red Hydra Press speaks about his current work in Cuba; Christopher Davenport guest hosts.
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  1. Hi! I am a visual artist living in the Yukon Territory which is in the north of Canada. I work with handmade paper to create artist books, sculpture and installation. I just made a beautiful leather bound hand tooled book last summer in Ireland at an artist residency working with a bookbinder in the area to complete my vision. I would like to make more! I am interested in learning to make letterpress, handmade paper, hand bound limited editions. I am at the moment writing a proposal for funding to do this but am looking for suggestions as to where and with whom. I see Penland has Christopher Davenport teaching in March. I was trying to hear your interview with him but for some reason it didn’t play. I am excited to find this website!

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